Mawa D28: Miniature LED Lighting

An abstract element of the surrounding architecture creating a beautiful strong spot-light


Mawa Design is a “Design Manufactory” that has specialised in delivering complete lighting projects as a full-service provider. On the one hand there is a wide range of serial production fixtures available, on the other hand the inhouse planning team and the vertical integration of the production ensure extremely short delivery times for custom solutions. Every individual production step – except for the surface refinement – is done in the own workshop.
Before working for the Mawa inhouse design team, I designed the D28 pendant light for them in 2009. With an outer diameter of just 28mm it is supposed to be an abstract element of the surrounding architecture, especially when installed in larger numbers. The basic idea was to create a beautiful strong spotlight for tables and counters at a very reasonable price.

The light only consists of the components that are technically necessary – like the circuit board, a TIR optic and a large heatsink – and one invisibly fixed aluminium tube that has different finish options.
Details like the glare free, recessed lens or the textile covered power cord add to the minimal shape of the light.




Photography: Brigida González, Steffen Jänicke, Mawa Design

© Mawa Design Licht- und Wohnideen GmbH


  • The product range has been extended two years later and now includes two types of recessed downlights in a miniature form factor, again featuring the 28mm aperture. Despite the small dimensions, the LED module can be removed without the use of tools and the ceiling cut-outs are just large enough to service the electronic control gear.

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